Josh Gerber
 Josh Gerber

Owner/Event Operations Director

Josh Gerber founded Wayzata Results Inc. in January of 2002 (as only an 8th grader). The reason he started Wayzata Results Inc. is because of a scoring error in one of the meets that he ran in. The meet was the Joe Ross Invite, hosted by Wayzata. And as a 7th grader his team placed 2nd to Minnetonka West, but looking at the scorers and the fact that 2 members of a team that wasn't complete he knew his team had won. But because Wayzata didn't use any scoring technology the results stood as MW 54, Wayzata 57. And the next year his team won the race without question 24 to 31 over MW. In November of the 2001, Josh started looking around at Cross Country software programs on the internet and found Apple Raceberry JaM. Which cost $200 for the basic Track & Cross Country Package. The first event that he scored with that software was the 2000 Joe Ross Invitational 7th Grade race and the results turned out in different way: Wayzata 39, MW 45. He was right!

After founding Wayzata Results Inc. in 2002 he updated his software for the BIG Package (Full Race Package). Instantly he started scoring any meet he could get his hands on. Scoring only small meets that were emailed to him. But his first big break came as a 10th grader when Kevin Moorehead asked if he could do the scoring for the Classic Lake Conference Indoor Track Meet. Since he wasn't running in the event, he said yes. Little did he know that he was opening a big door for the future.

After working for Kevin Moorehead that winter, in late October of his Junior year in high school, he got a call from him asking if I could run Hy-Tek for the USATFMN Junior Olympic XC Championships. I of course said yes. He didn't know a lot about Hy-Tek and had only run some small demo meets with it (of course doing it the wrong way as he would learn at the JO Championships). After learning the basics and run a completely successful first run of Hy-Tek, he got the chance to do it again at the Region meet a week later. And again there weren't any problems. And the next year Wayzata Results Inc. was at the helm of the JO XC meet (results part that was), and we have been timing it ever since.

That summer ('05) Kevin Moorehead asked Wayzata Results Inc. to run Hy-Tek at the USATFMN Junior Olympic T & F Championships, of course we said yes. We were assisted by the Bemidji State FinishLynx operator and we used his equipment and ours was back up, but Josh Gerber was completely in charge of the Hy-Tek end. In that one meet I learned more about Hy-Tek then I ever had before. That summer we were asked to run Hy-Tek for the AAU Region Meet in Minnesota, we of course said yes. This was our first meet that we worked from start to finish (from entries on). Our FinishLynx operator was Bob Ertl (who we would work with again and again). The only problem that we had for this meet is getting our computers to "talk" with one another. But after that was done we were off and running.

After that summer Wayzata Results Inc. had it's presence fully known in the Junior Olympic world within the USATF & AAU Region. Since the Fall of 2004 we have worked every USATF & AAU meet held in Minnesota (Junior Olympics). We made our presence known to the High School community in Minnesota by publishing the 2006 State XC meet predictions (which were unsuccessful-but we will try again next year). We also made our presence known for starting the Classic Lake Conference Honor Rolls (2005-Present). Along with posting detailed results of "big" meets such as the Roy Griak, State, and NCAA Region meets.

While working with these meets it wouldn't have been possible without the help of John Magnuson, Carl Magnuson and Brad Pickle, who last year (Spring of 2006) helped Wayzata Results Inc. turn into the company it was today by offering complete scoring services with ChampionChip technology and by using RunScore software.

In the Fall of 2004, while in gym class, Phil Ward (Wayzata Head Boys Coach) came up to Josh Gerber and asked if he would like to keep stats for the boys basketball team. Of course he said yes. And started looking for free/cheap software programs to keep track of stats for the games. He found CyberSports USA, and for the first year we used the demo version. Which still produced more stats then we could have ever imagined. After the first game Josh printed off all the stats the program could offer and handed them to coach Ward the next morning. Ward was stunned by the detail that the program produced. And the next year we purchased the software and used for both Boys & Girls teams at Wayzata. And to cater to the parents we also setup a site so they can view their kid's stats along the whole season.

For basketball we have work the Minneapolis Henry vs. North (at Henry) twice, Minneapolis Henry vs. Braham (Televised), and many other Henry games. The Braham game was our "big break" because we got our name over cable TV and we keep the stats for that game (although we still haven't gotten paid yet). It was still a great experience.  We are also the official statical provider for the Dick's Sporting Goods Holiday Classic Basketball Tournament, hosted by Hopkins.

In 2010 we purchased a state of the art FinishLynx timing system.  This has allowed us to provide great services such as: 100% accurate timing, accurate finish order, live running time on our Gill display, and live results on our computer screens for specator viewing right at the finish line.

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