Wayzata Results Inc. is about doing as much as web can for all kinds of sports. We provide meet management for Track and Field meets, Cross Country Running and Road Races. We will help advertise your meet, and set it up with you. We will, if needed, help set up the course, design the course for you and help in any other way possible, for just a little fee.  We specialize in small to medium events, but we have the ability to handle medium to large or event bigger events.

Besides helping you set up your meet we will also help organize it. The way that we do this is, we can take care of the money, we will handle all the entrants into your meet, we will handle all the results of your meet, and we will handle getting the results to the teams after the meet, getting the numbers to the coaches, and handle everything that has to do with the results. Another thing that we also do if you cant afford our services listed on the next page, we will find away so that we can help you out. We are here to help you, not take your money. We want to score, set up, and do everything that has to do with your meet.